Shahid Dr. Shahriari / Iranian scientist murdered by western forces

Shahid Dr. Shahriari / Iranian scientist murdered by western forces

Today the terrorist enemies have attempted murdering two of our members, two nuclear scientists. Thank God, one of them survived. Today the enemy tried to oppress us and to kill hopes through us. They brought cross and guillotine instead of a chessboard. They brought the executioner instead of logic. The 3,000 years tradition.

“I hope to soon see the terrorists executed, to feel calm”, a friend said. “I need a SHAHAB3, or better ones of those”, I answered him.

Everybody here has to for certain that the U.S. and that fault slink regime are the hands backside of this murder. So why are we awaiting?

Daddy* will not design the reactors anymore,
But our lamps in the city will be turned on by his light
Daddy got martyred, and went beyond the time and tangible space to gaze at all of us,
We remained and he got through

The last plan daddy designed was martyrdom
Since the eternity our atoms and dust were saturated in martyrdom
The master solved the problem
Physics merged with the religion
Daddy got nuclear blood
And guaranteed our essence
Teach the lesson in the Hawzah** and the University

Our politics, religion and physics appeared as the problem in the enemies eye
And the church became in wonder
Daddy’s blood will set fire to Zionism’s world order
The UN security assembly got the picture,
Zionists got the murdered body
Security of Satan

Calling for tender, Calling for tender,
We need at least a SHAHAB3
Even if it costs a world war
for humanity to survive
to survive from the new world oppression of satanical orders
Even if it costs destroying that UN Satan security
by its resolutions of scrap papers

We would answer in Tel-Aviv, or everywhere in the world these bloody hands set on.
We would answer to the foreigners in Iraq, In Afghanistan, In Qatar, and in Kuwait…
Foreigners to humanity

Soon we will show our abilities, a day the legs of infidelity and sedition will shake of our dread.
“ISRAEL” Just louden up more that sound of its wipe out appointment from the map
So that the brutal oppressors of American natives become polite

We will wipe out the satanism from the map
We will teach the White House some basic lessons

This flame will not be tuned off, and until that day it will be warmer day by day

*Daddy: In the first years of school to learn Farsi writing in Iran, children start from writing “Daddy got [a glass of] water” in Farsi. During the Holy Defense years many poets composed works expressing the war feelings through this method. For example, one poet said: “Daddy got blood” which means “Daddy got martyred”. Daddy is an instance of every father in Iran in literature.

** Hawzah is the name for Islamic teachings schools spread around the world.

P.S. This is a modified translation of my post in my Farsi weblog which I wrote in the day of terror

P.S. two : Many thanks to my brother Germán for helping me to edit this article for better English