This article is translated from a farsi article Sayid Morteza Avini The Martyr wrote, The writer got martyred about 20 years ago when he was in the operational war areas to produce a documentary film. He was a intellectual, writer, and a documentary film producer. His books and articles is used to develop Islamic Revolution concepts over the society and still reprinted and used by new genereations. This article is considerable at the years we are experiencing most hot communications style in the world. I translated it for other muslim people around the world.
Shahid Sayid Morteza Avini

Shahid Sayid Morteza Avini

Information Explosion! I do not know why I have not feared of this concept as some people do. I feel glad even about this concept, like somebody who has not enough patience about the nearness of the ‘necessary point of the end of the world’ . Nietzsche has a sentence saying to the philosophers: “Construct your house at the foot of the volcano mountains”, and I find all people who explore the truth, as the address of this Nietzsche’s speech. ‘Escaping’ is suitable for the impression of whom just thinks for the complacent, and if we are not so, ‘the death one time and the wailing one time’ [1]

If we decide or we do not, The Global Village will come to the reality. This fact does not make us disturbed as the non-submissive citizens of this big village, It may disturb the West more than us. “We are not submissive citizens for the Global Village”, This sentence needs more comment.

The submissive citizen is the man who merged his individual existence in the society around him. He has not any objection, and accepts official arguments and also doesn’t doubts in the accuracy of politician speeches. He is submitted to local laws until he sees justice not as the benefactor of the law, but as the follower of the law. He follows to what he invited to it and abstains what he prevented from. His wisdom and the eye and the ear gates are open for propaganda messages and for example in our Iran when he hears the “X Bank, Is your Bank” he believes and gets his money to that bank who gets more prize and so on. Well, the Global village is also needs submissive people to continue its way, it needs citizens who are ‘head in manger’. [2]

At the beginning of the 80s decade a very wonderful incident happened on the earth caused the west awake from the hibernate sleep which has been infected in it. In a point of the globe where one of home-arisen slaves of the White House was governing, suddenly millions of the people got out of their homes and exposed their bodies to the danger of bullets despite their nature in keeping their lives. The army which funded by tens of billion dollars also infected in the passiveness believing ‘The dagger does not cut its haft’ [3]. What the people were decided to get? The strange point is this. The people wanted something which had not to become patched with the certain intellect governing the new world : They wanted “Islamic Government”, the sample they knew for this kind of government is also referred to a 13 century passed concept. Where the Iranian people heard this «Message»? From what Radio or TV or Film or theater this message came on? This question is what the west did not find its answer. It’s not important how west sees this social movements: Fundamentalism, Reactionary or anything else. The important is the incident showed that the “Information walls are not reliable”

Consider! The wonderful incident was that the west suddenly found itself not in front of “Shiraz Art Festival” or “Arbi Avanician” or “The secrets of Genie valley treasury” or “Napelon, The dear uncle” or “2500 year festivals” or “Fereidun Farokhzad”… [4] not in front of these but in front of the country of “Seyed Mojtaba Navab Safavi” and “Haj Mahdi Iraqi” [5], And the Islamic Revolution went ahead in the borders of western «Information Sphere» in a «Firmness Island» and the Revolution successes to the victory.

The important is that the wonderful incident is truly can happen other sides of the world. I had met the “Doshanbeh” city before it becomes conquered by “Rahman Nabi’of” and the Red Army. There, I met some intellectual people who seemed to be moved from the Samani age and I stood in the prayers line of whom live outside Broadcasting sphere of the west and in the “Abu-Hunaifa” age. So now what is happening in the eastern Europe and among the Muslim people of Balkans? What we printed on the cover of «Sooreh Magazine» is very clear, a youth with long hairs and Rembo’s like glasses using a headband wrote “Allaho-Akbar Jihad” on it. This incident is happened in the controlled borders of information sphere of the west too. Is there any location in the world outside this borders?

We do believe or we have not to believe, the “Global Village” is a fact now. The satellites overridden the geographic borders. This is the same village which “Gregor Samsa” opened his eyes in it. It’s the same village which its people accepted the Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinocerotidaes, the same global village which its people are “Waiting for Godot”, its the same global village which its people are molded in certain method and no one allowed to refuse the Industrial Technologic civilization. It’s the same village which antennas arisen on the head of its residents and they can directly receive 150 TV channels. The same village as the robots fall in love. The same village that the “Terminator II” returns to 30 years before and kills himself in it. It’s the same village that the Batman and the Joker battle against one another. The same village that six year old girls are taught sexual concepts in it. The same village which sheep born with human head and human born with pig head over that. The same village that the “Piss Christ” photograph takes the attentions of  media societies for several months over that. The same village which 246 kind of sexual rape runs over it. But strange is that the Basijis [6] had the life under the sky of the same village over the sands of “Fakkeh” [7]. The same village which in its midnights the moon shined on the Las Vegas Casinos and “DoKooheh’s Husseinyeh” [8] too and the graves Basiji men laid in it when they were alive, for remembering God and to mention their love for God join and touch. Its strange world, isn’t?

It’s more than a century that not any culture else than western one seems to be exists over the world. Anywhere in the world is conquered by this face of the human life which brought western lifestyle. There is not any nation over the world which have been able to keep itself isolated from the effects of the western civilization and architecture and the social lifestyle and also in the personal life. As the geographic borders are also overridden by satellites activity currently, the magical mirror (TV) is also influenced at each one house over this contiguous village, the superficially intellect orders there will be not anything being able to shake the world government of Mephistopheles, much less it have any ability to destroy that world government. But it’s not going thus!

Milan Kundera in his book “The Art of the Novel”, points to the specific paradoxes can be seen in current period of western culture. He names these concepts «Basic Paradoxes». The example he brought clears his view, He says: “Through new age, Descartes intellect, contiguously digests every value remained from the Middle Ages. But, in the age of absolute following for the intellect, this absolute non-intellectual element — The decision for self-absorption — is going to rule the world. Because there is no other establishment with public accepted values to prevent its advance.”.

If we consider pragmatic, we would see the second world war as a terminal which the paradoxical essence of the West appeared through that. I do not know how you see the Kuwait war but I see that paradox through that war too. A paradox which many thinkers of the west like Noam Chomsky cared about that. The West celebrated Kuwait victory under a public disturb. And this disturb became an abscess that got cracked in incidents like protests in the Los-Angeles.

The West has a paradoxical essence and this terminal paradoxes are the inevitable destiny that the current civilization stepped forward to it. The “Information Explosion” is another kind of those terminals that unveils the hidden paradoxes in the interior of current civilization. When the information wall falls down, people over the world will see that this seemed to be very strong castle will fall with a least fillip. The West power is based on ignorance and the public knowledge which is revolution generator raises suddenly. Like explosion of the light. The Soviet government is also showing itself strong and solid and the West also had been to see a big enemy in front of itself. Just after Soviet Government fall , its rotten interior unveiled to the public.

Now in the west, everything differs to the 1930s decade, People see the future by a general disturb. Every moment they are looking at that information castle the West existence is built on it, falls with a very big explosion and then hidden side of the west unveils. It’s enough the first block of this construction moves and falls to cause the entire columns of these block fall. The civilizations also become aged and dead and other civilizations raise from their ruins. At the first a civilization raises by a very strong self-confidence and when this feeling gets its place to the diffidence it is the time to debacle.

And about us, we should not be afraid. The walls are suitable for the time the night thief step on the earth, But when they ground from the sky how can we rely to the walls? We should get out of any thought directs us to some walls prevent the satellites hurt us. We should ‘Construct our home at the foot of the volcano mountains’. When we face the reality we should keep enough courage. The west is so , despite its weakness  declaims a lot to keep itself in the shadow of its delusion. The Kuwait war was same and just horrified who was infected by the delusion not those people who see the weakness and senility of this miserable warrior. I’ve to say the Satellite channel itself does not cause fear in real world as it does fear in delusions world “The satellite is coming”. The sonance of Sattelites causes fear in the point that some bodies are trying to destroy anything like “National Identity, Dignity, Ethics, Farsi Language… ” and so on as before the television technology the same words were spread.

‘The Satellite’ channel is the showing side of the world affinity the new civilization waited at it. United States is also is the showing side of that collective determination which appeared with new man and sought for power and ascendency. The ascendency and the “Guardianship” have same roots [in Farsi and Arabic], and if some researches named the ascendency of the West over the world as ‘Taghut’s Guardianship’ they’ve found true meaning as they wanted to describe new concepts in the religious knowledge. Since the first days, the west had not a certain goal else than governing all over the world and now two group of people are in the false situation, a group who fear of a Satellite Channel and other group who is intensive to get recipe from the satellites. Both are making mistake in recognition among “Western government over the world”, and the “Satellite government over the world”.

[1] A Farsi proverb, Meaning an action should be done at any situation.
[2] A Farsi proverb, Meaning some person who does not care about anything else than his food.
[3] A Farsi proverb, Meaning nobody hurts himself.
[4] Some samples of western culture running in Iran
[5] Some samples of native charachters for Islamic Iranian culture.
[6] Basijis are the volunteer forces for any kind of social or military services.
[7] Fakkeh is a 8 year holy defence operation area.
[8] DoKooheh is a 8 year holy defence operation area. Husseinieh is a place of prayer and the rememberance of Imam Hussein(pbuh)