Yes ‘stoning to death’ is barbarism, But there is other kinds of Barbarism is proceeding over the world and the barbarism will not end by stopping the ‘stoning to death’. The barbarism in meaning of living far from humanity concepts is running a war against family. What is happening in western media for now representing the western governments ideas. Inviting people to live outside a family, like what happens in the western countries, disloyalty in families, and breaking marriage contracts having an illegitimate society is the certain root of barbarism the west inviting for it.

Look at the western society statistics and their exploded concept of family , with low rate of marriage, high rates of divorce, rape, illegitimate child, crimes and so on … What results a slave robots society which live for the criminal masters like Bush and Sakozy and Blair as rechargeable batteries for the criminal aims. They are running the sharpest extensive kind of Barbarism in the name of liberalism in the west, inviting people to live worst than animals and developing poor individualism against social human over the world by the corrupted movies and media in the name of the Fun. They even are forcing other countries like Iran to live like animals, fighting brotherhood concepts and fighting mother’s love by the name of Feminism. The history will writes which is the exact barbarism. What Zionists dictated to the oppressed people of west to destroy their families and their culture and their future or defending the ‘Family’ concepts in the Iranian courts.

The western message to Iran todays about Sakinah Ashtiani is a very jokes like message for people in Iran. People are wondering what exact thing west tries in Iran? And what is the meaning of defending criminals an killers in Iran? The west is revealing its very wild face for Iranian nation.

Iran is the culture which is the root of many concepts of societies and humanity and it was and is against wild barbarism of that disloyalty against family and its concepts. The ‘stoning to death’ is a native idea that runs when ‘Barbarism’ shows itself to destroy a family. The Family concepts in Iranian and Islamic culture is very blessed enough and if somebody wants to fight this blessed concept will be known as an under-zero wild barbarian who is eligible to confront a mirror of barbarism. Yes, ‘stoning to death’ is a kind of barbarism, But it’s just a mirror for the western neo-barbarism against our pure families, a mirror which is should be shown to the face of prostitutes and rotten people and their masters in presidencies and kingdoms and palaces in west.

The invasion forces of mass destruction of families in the west is trying to force our judge system to prevent executing a criminal here. Their corrupted global village is trying to expand disloyal against family interesting their satanical ideas against humanity. But they should know the victims of disloyal against families over the world soon would know what is the root of their loss lives and what is the solution. A solution coming from an  ancient nation showing the true path for societies to live pure and live with calmness and love.

Yes, We are not liked and interested in a very rude scene of a ‘stoning to death’ which conceptually and practically is badly translated to western people by liar movies and medium. But it will be stopped when we assure there will be not any disloyal against families. In our law a such process is name a ‘preventive’ law that runs when we want a crime comes to zero. So we want ‘stoning to death’ comes to zero too.

That is because we love our safety and privacy and security in families and we like our lives. The life is Iran is not just a night or some hours like what west is going for it, but it’s as long as human life with full obligation in love with a tall program to developing the society and it cannot be  a plaything of capricious sides. At last the ‘Family’ is the main concept which results the culture and when we see the family foundation is invaded and looted by these fool sides we come to defend the foundation of the life and the concept to get safe and secure. The family is what concept the west is loosing it by its corrupted barbarian leaders and they are trying to force their ignorance to us.

Soon or late the west should withdraw their invitations from their TV serials and movies and the other medium to give security and guarantee for people of the world keeping their families safe and secure far from the hands of satanical capricious sides. The human should know that the secret of permanence and survival is the ‘Family’ and once more hear this concept from an ancient 8000 year nation which is REMAINED by its defensive ideas in line of chastity.

Soon or late, the victims of sex revolution would raise against the owners of that corrupted idea claiming their security and safety in their families and society. Soon or late the human will raises up and awake against the West-Zionist sex barbarism which wants people dead and not more than some workers in benefit of programmers, which want the earth owned by their dictatorship world village.

Yes, Its a reaction, a mirror in the language of the barbarian new-age sex revolution. What Barbariam came from europe and continues today in other ways.