Last week we had  Qods-Day and our people showed how they tied to their native political and religion concepts. Hence, In Ramadan we have fasting for a month and of course it’s hard for people to have fasting for a month. In Islamic Shariah, every Muslim should fast for a month every year if he or she is able to fast. People get awake in the dawn and meal food and water to not eat anything for 13 to 17 hours from winters to summers.
Here in the month of Ramadan the face of every city changes and whole affair from business hours and traffic peak hours and fun and travel affected by this event. People schedule their travels a time out of Ramadan and every day after breakfast at night it seems the city started a new day and people come to streets and parks with their families to have rest. Most of people are committed to do this religious devotion.

In Ramadan we have recommended to awake at nights passing whole moments in pray. Also there is a Qadr night in Ramadan which is known as the best night in the year which every wish and every pray is accepted from Allah’s side and its better than 1000 nights and what you do would be counted as multiple 1000 and this number has to show the importance of this night. The Quran is revelated to Prophet at this night. But despite to that we know it’s a night of last ten nights of Ramadan it’s not certainly defined what exact night is it. So it’s recommended to awake for ten nights at the end of this month to not miss this important night. But as its too hard to awake for ten nights having a business and job at days, People choose most recommended nights of this 10 night 19, 21, 23. So at this month people certainly get tired because of lack of sleep and change in nutriment program and they go ahead with this situation by a very pure love because it really effects in the souls and behaviors and you should get fast for a month to feel the glory effect it has on human. It cannot be described by words but the signs I explained for you as the people’s interest, is pure enough to know why people accept this hard situation.
So there is a New-Age political event too in Ramadan, The Qods day which Imam Khomeini planned for the Islam-Nation defending Qods city in Palestine and defending Palestinian nation against brutal Israel regime. Every Qods-Day we demonstrate against Israel and its supporters in west. Qods day is scheduled in the last Friday of Ramadan month every year and as the -Friday- is a variable parameter in a month, This year we had last Friday right on 23th day. The day which people should be awake it’s night.
So let’s look, Near a month of fasting plus 3 nights of awake and right after that a 6-7 Hour demonstration under the hot summer sun at about 35~50 °C (about 90~120 °F )  with no water and food! I wanted to introduce such believing people and the deep influence of the religion and certainly the religious politics in this land. Let’s look at this people by picture despite to that these pictures are not able to show the true dignity of the events rise from this horizon. In fact these people had just 3~4 Hours to sleep after praying awaked tiredness night and then they came to Qods-Day demonstration. This demonstration is running in “Every” city in Iran, Not just in Tehran the capital.
The pictures are from different cities over the country.

There is also a helishot of Tehran’s Qods-Day from Press TV , You can see many streets fullfilled of people.
Last year the “Green Movement” supported by west came with the water bottles in hand chanting “No Gaza, Nor Lebanon, Just Iran” at the face of this people, But the political changes through a year showed the west had a very bad fault to support a certain minority which got lost and retired under the angry galance of the crowds very soon and this green west with its billion dollars had not enough suitable eccourage in the scene to chant for their illegal regime in occupied Palestine.