Are those people in Wall Street
Shouting ‘we are 99 percent’
They are all also from “Qods Force”?
And the 9/11 incident was also done by “Qods Force”?
And the Government budget deficit …
And falling the Dollar worth …
and even the Somalia’s Hunger
London’s stock exchange fall  …
… and the UN’s Color Blindness disease
and other Tsunamis which will happen in the future
are also all come from “Qods Force”!

That shoe which crossed beside the ear of Mr. Bush …
was also a “Qods Force” operation,
And those people who are fighting in Libya
Are also members of “Qods Force”!
The youth in Al-Tahrir square
Bahraini women
who made the Saudi’s king sleep , dishevelled
are a branch of “Qods Force”
The Wikileaks documents
And Malcom-X murder even is neccessarily the act of “Qods Force”

With all these …
Mr. Obama,
There is a story says …
The lion does not need a dead mouse
At least you would say…
A Cow … Or a Buffalo …
Or a Zionist president…

As you fake a chick instead of an airplane in your hollywood
And Robots instead of Humans
And as you make big giants
with no effect of any bullet on it
As you can make a cheater
from a dead mouse
And as you can show a prostitude
every one second
from your cameras
And as you can make spies
by blending Coca-Cola and Cocaine
But …
We were not idle to now
we enriched the love by the wisdom
and linked the poet by the shout

Mr. Obama…
By your Pinocchio like nose …
get out of the oil-king’s garment
Get out please
It’s your turn
Ya Habibi… My dear
Don’t move … or you will be exploded
under the small skullcap of Mr. Perez
Blast over Blast
Don’t move Mr. Perez
Which connected to your tail
The Iranian opposition
And connected to you
All naughties
who bited their mother’s breast
And frogs and crickets are connected to you
And the BBC
with all of the suns and grandchilds
Don’t move!
You are all surrounded by “Qods Force”!
confirm resolutions
and do the monkey business
You’re on people’s Hidden Camera

Farsi Poet by Alireza Qazveh/Translated by me with some little changes.