Ahmadinejad Respects Holy Books of Prophets

Iranian Muslim President Respects the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible together

Ahmadinejad speech in UN General Assembly is truely representing the ideas and belief of our nation word by word. Not only that but, I beleive his message is the word of hundereds of millions of human being today and helps the people of the world achieveing their views.

It’s truely appears that the Sattanist west leaders which abuse religion to achieve their ugly aims are at the end of their thoughts and solutions and they will never be revered in the sight people over the world.

We need an alternative united world which no Pharaoh like Imperialists can force any nation to yield its programs.

When I was reading of the privious Prime Minister of Japan Yuikio Hatoyma article (A new path for Japan) about the future of the world, I really got worried about such nation with long history of hardship and hardwork should be upset about its future and its inevitably to follow a foreigner policy in spite of earning a lot of prosperity in decades. How much more time the world have to accept to continue by gifting the peoples wage to a forceful pole withdrawing the nations interests? Now world not only gifting its wages but also many countries should gift any resource and even the history and the culture and traditions to a very aggressor force that even do not think truley and Godly. I hope this trend ends up very soon and the ‘Brotherhood’ will be confirmed over the world. This is undoubtedly would be the future of the ‘after modern’ calm and full of justice world and any force which does not like such calmness and bliss would be overriden by the coming international justice force even they open their mouth to spoldge the subject by insults and very toothless explanation.

P.S. : As the western media are trying to prevent people reading and hearing the clear message of Iran, please read it directly without propaganda gates. ( LINK ) (LINK II)