Here in Iran, it is not matter how huge is an accident, everywhere there is many people who are ready to help and survive others, in car accidents or any other accident like blasts. People do not satisfy by calling Emergency or Police, they stay in the scene helping victims. When a war happens, people do not run away, they stay strongly to resist. After eight year holy defense when MKO terrorist group invaded Iran borders in shadow of Saddam logistics support, the deserts fulfilled of people protecting the country. Some people came with pajamas and home-clothes or by slippers asking military forces guns to protect the country.

Recently in Zahdan blasts this happened once more. The criminal terrorist puppets of U.S. in Iran exploded first bomb after security mans of mosque prevented first suicide bomber entering the mosque. Then after first blast when people came to help and survive, the second suicide bomber exploded second bomb in noisy scene. News saying when responsible sources warned people about there may be more than two bombs people did not gave up and continued to survive their brothers and sisters by their alertness and readiness for martyrdom.

This honorable people definitively are the code of defeating westerner dictatorship against our nations and there is no way for Zions to expand their cheap wild satanic aims over the area and the world.