They burn inks and papers but what they would do by the billions of hearts and minds fullfilled with Quran’s and the God’s Prophet love?

The Quran commands us to defend against such people, other people who do not fight Islam are under the security umbrella of Islam. Because Islam knows itself a soft movement and just is th the light. Quranic holy verses say us to discuss as much as we can, and if they fighted us then we should fight against  enemies, and when they stopped the war, then we should stop the war, but we do not submit our movement. It’s very true logic. But unfortunately the enemies of Islam light, forge their corruption to these logics to expand their darkness. They cut the terms and change the words to make prtexts for aggress Islam as their opposite idea. They are truely like night bat which run away the daylight.

Well, Burning the Holy Quran, They atheists wanted to make a war between theists, the follwers of God prophets to proceed their satanic plans aganist humanity. This Satan paved people are addicted to saying lies to global nation by their professionalism and very experienced skill and supporting their lies without any worry about the conscience. It’s the age of satanic lies and they addicted to saying lies to people from their misinformation about what they name it “Jewish Holocaust” to probably moon landing and to what they lie daily in their media about other countries and the another big lie is about 9/11 crimes they’ve done it and assiging it to the lands they have to occupy and attach to their world Zionist government.

Their lie for this new year 2010 is the Crusade wars. Zionist anti Jews and satanic evengelists are coming togther to show their influence in the body of theist Christians and playing the rule instead of them. This fact is very clear for us as Muslim pople and we see the hands of the Satan puppetry behind of this game. Undoubtedly the truthful Christians should rule in their position and do not allow these Satan paves to play instead of them and proceed their plans.

Quran is also has good commands against the such complot. Quran has many verses in friendship between Muslim people and who belive holy bible. and the Satan and its paves  should know this is the information age and this kind of toothless operations would not succeed in the world more.

The following picture is the answer. Iranian students showing the Saint Mary  (PBUH) in a demonstration after a day Quran burnt. The demonstration is running in front of Switzerland embassy in Tehran as the U.S. office in Iran. So just U.S. officials are responsible to answer about the such crime against a big majority of humanity over the world. And certainly it’s very important point that the U.S. governors should answer.

Iranian student taking the picture of Saint Mary (pbuh)