Today I was on twitter Iran hashtag for some minutes… An under control zone to demonize Iran and its culture by some employee twitter IDs in lack of Iran answer. Maybe Iran does not have enough time to enter the retweet war forever, I also left my country hashtag to be a one way for blindly driving people. Those who satisfied with repeating themesleves.

The twitter further than its initial positive informative usage that I’m defending it initialy, but it is also good place to retweet the lies and insisting on the lies in the method the west world knows it as the “BIG LIE” , repating the claims blindly without thinking and discussing about it. The Goebbels Like lies. In fact that Goebbels is alive now on twitter and it’s soul is wandering around.

By the way, when I entered to the Internet on about 15 years ago, there was discussion boards on the internet and still there is. The discussion boards was helping people to have deep discussions in proper time. But the new media which supported by western governments insisted on telegraphic and very superficial environments , just very limited words and in worst formatting that cannot be used for deeper research. It was being a very big question for me in past years that why the social media is guided to these superficial method preventing to invite people to research deeper. So if we make a platform for repeating the lies who will be the winner in this match? A bunch of virtual IDs retweeting a claim and others should waste time to answer them by retweeting the opposit idea? What does it mean as a social media engineering matter? Who is responsible ? Shouldn’t we invite people to a much more thoughtful environment specially for political or religional seekings? or just we want get people warmed up for our goals? “never allow the public to cool off” said Joseph Gobbels.

What I know is that if the Gobbels Philosophy about the propaganda was correct, His related government would be alive for now . and it’s a warning sign for those who relied to his method as far as the other party’s voice is existed over the world.