Mr. Mohajerani

Mr. Mohajerani

On 4 March 2011 One of opposition leaders Mr. Ataollah Mohajerani had a lecture in London to analyse how they can go on better to achieve their aims. He said some facts that became very hard for the opposition followers. As a tradition when the opposition hardliners get angry about a fact or about an opinion they start to eliminate the source and to terror the charachter of the opposer as they do this with the Islamic Republic itslef. This is happening for Mr. Mohajerani today. The comments and social sites owned by opposition is fullfilled by the insults and delations against him trying the original speech not be heared in the society.

But what he said? Comparing the Egypt’s Sadat and Mubarak economical corruption by the Iran’s Khamenei he said: “As a person who was in the government and parliament for many years I cant point a little dark piece in the economical workbook of Ayatollah Khamenei and his family”

On the other hand he pointed to the Islamic Republic indepndence as a fact no one doubt about it and the other property of the current govrnment in Iran, against the dependence of Mubarak regime to west, unveiling that those opposition people who tried to assign Islamic Republic’s dependence to China or Russia, They know that is a faked idea as no one believed their claim over the society.

He continued “So Egypt is completely different to Iran” mentioning we have a long way and there will be no short-term revolution like Egypt.” He also condemned militiary groups like MKO and Royal armies to fight Islamic Republic. He also said the Green Movement manifest point that we should be independent like Libian youth taking papers “No Interference, We can do it”. Mohajerani wants this but he dont care that the whole wave is dependent to US wills, and if he isolate the independent people in opposotion, so is it able for them to live as opposition or not? : )

Iran has many problems as other countries but as Mohajerani says in his speech the despotism has deep influence in Iran too. The Islamic Revolution in Iran is the biggest try to defeat the dictatorship. As we see opposotion is not separated from the despostism tradition that oppress a man like Mohajerani by just a day and just a speech between some hours to avoid people hearing the truth. What shows the sharp dictatorship tradition between opposotion. This is the big big truth which invites people to the usual tens of millions marchs backing the Islamic Republic as the result of their try to defeat dictatorship of those counting seconds to return their brutal essence to Iran. So what Mr. Mohajerani is pointed are not small points. They are big points that the opposition itself lacks of it.