Bazaar is an ancient concept in Iranian culture. The marketplace and the economic heart of many cities in Mideast is named Bazaar.

Closed! Bazaar protecting Holy Quran

In a Muslim society “Bazaar”  has its special specifications, Like everything it is merged by ethics and morality. A shopkeeper knows himself working for Allah and for the people before he works for his  interests and the money in his pocket. In base concepts of an Islamic Bazaar there is many stories of chivalry between businessmen to gift benefit to others. Bazaar businessmen are following the Islamic teachings.In such environment it’s very usual for a shopkeeper to forward a customer to other shop when he knows the other shop has not made any interest in the business for day. Many of bigger shops and businessmen stop selling their products when they feel it’s enough for the day and forward more people to purchase goods from others.

Entering the modernism age, this Bazaar did not succeed to run away from materialistic concepts through and through, but still there is many properties remained from ancient Bazaar.

Shop keepers are installing black banners in Bazaar showing their solidarity against insults to Holy Book of Allah , Quran

One of these remained frankly properties of Bazaar is its deep connection to social and political issues. Shopkeepers feel responsibility to society and when an issue happens they hand-off the business and close their shops as a protest. One of the main arms of Islamic Revolution was Bazaar. In many situations the dictatorship government of Shah was submitted to people’s will to prevent the suspension of the economics behalf Bazaar. The protest was not just because of finances and interests but mainly was for massive issues of the country. For example if Shah government had been getting an illegal and illogical interest to his master government U.S. as a mere political event, The bazaar was one of firstly societies to interfere and prevent the government to do faults by closing the shops.

After Islamic Revolution the Bazaar had not experienced the same social and political campaigns because the government is based on the people votes.  But these days new campaigns is running about international issues as a symbol of national solidarity about any issue. Last week the Bazaar closed for a day to show its protest against who burnt Holy Quran in U.S and to revere Quran. This move has a clear message for the U.S. government that this nation is very ready to confront any under-plot with whole body of Economics, Buisines, Culture, Religion and so on.

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