This untrustworthy wild Yankees are running another show over the world by their scrappy list of terrorist groups, Administering the rule of hypocrisy to make their workbook more dirty.

After executing the Jondollah head ‘Rigi’ as the criminal commander of many terrorist operations in Iran, and after this group burnt completely in the popular minds and after people read and heard the admissions of Reigi about U.S. support of his terrorist group, today in a laughable move U.S. officials declared that they designated the ‘Jondollah’ as a terrorist group. Maybe the connection to the Jondollah is lost for them or the connection is  not worth to supported more. Another Taliban experiment in an smaller scale proceeded in Iran and they throw themselves to other hole again without measuring the results.

CAUTION! Queasy pic. Rigi's Jondollah bloody crimes against Islamic Republic of Iran the government and the nation

Jondollah Proud to shout to the civilian heads with closed-hands

The U.S. supported criminal commander of Jondollah who killed and murdered a lot of people in south east Iran terrorizing the roads and the cities and Bazaars (Shop centers) and making blasts in the Mosques etc. and by cutting the heads and shouting in the head of traveling people between cities and burning their buses and cars, He arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Services when he was traveling to Kyrgyzstan to the the American Military Base “Manas” visiting “Richard Holbrooke” and to get more support for more harming operations  against Iranian nation and the Iranian government according his admissions in the videos recorded before his execution and according to Iranian Intelligence minister Moslehi. ( + , + )

Similar to these groups by U.S. supports there was a lot of dirty sides U.S. supported against Persia. The biggest was Saddam started and ran the 8 year war against Iran and their friends MKO group with its very dangerous structure of no-exit group and their wild operations against cities in Iran from killing people and shoppers in the streets to throwing mortars over streets and people horrifying the people in the mask of attacking the ‘establishment’ excuse. This happened for MKO too, entering to the Terrorist list and exiting it by the wind of US interests not the right of people to live peacefully.

Malik Rigi is hot reporting his criminal operation in Iran to the voice of america persian in the name of 'popular movement of resistane in Iran'

The U.S. has not to get taught form its dirty past. This happens for more terrorist groups, Jondollah, which means the ‘Soldiers of God’ and known as ‘JondoShaytan’ between Iranian people which means ‘The soldiers of Satan’ is known equal to US policies for Iranian people and this logical ideas would not change by just an scrap peace of paper of Terrorist list.

When Rigi was free against people and had to continue his operations the VOA Farsi channel was contacting him continuously in the title of ‘National Resistance of Iran’ calling him after the bloody criminal operations asking him ‘Ok the hero man, What you’ve done today in Iran’ to describe his crime in the VOICE OF AMERICA. And this dirty history of U.S. is not forgettable for a nation.