I wrote this article in the days the Holy Quran burnt but I had to edit it for better English and removing mistakes but it remained in Drafts and I forgot to publish it! With apologizes ..

Today in Tehran in front of a church, christian people of our city invited Muslim people to demonstrate together against burning Quran , Taking Quran over the heads and chanting against who burn and insults against the path of the prophets. Looking at such events shows if a named-human or two or many decided to burn Quran we would have a very different mirror on the other side of the world. They should consider the effects of their works turns inverse in spite of their plans.

We would have some pictures from this kind demonstration in this post, The scene you will see in the pictures is totally represented by this church in Tehran and they pose the pictures of two Islamic Revolution leaders around the scene to express their views about this religious revoultion. The Iranian Christians was a part of defense against Saddam-West war against the Islamic Revolution and they made their certain brilliant rule in frontier lines of war step by step in whole levels of war to defend their country and their dignity against the invasion. They have many common beliefs in the culture in compare with Iranian Muslim people which is about 98% of Iran’s population. Even they come and participate in the anniversary of Ashoura for Shia third Imam in Moharram month. This shows the brotherhood between the people of  this country against the strange illogical moves internally or of abroad.

Let’s see the pictures: