Blasts leave 20 dead in southeast Iran (Source:PressTV)
Blasts leave 20 dead in southeast IranAfter execution of Reigi the head of terrorist group of Jondollah, who arrested by Iran’s intelligent services through his flight to U.S. Manas base in Kyrgyzstan orchestrating their criminal actions, we see the passive obsessive answer to Iran’s power in the same day  Shahram Amiri freed.
After many months or years we had not any blast in Iran’s scene. U.S. by its weak passive response tries to compensate their troubles by killing defenseless people and fighting humanity.

I want to ask which problem solves by this criminal reactions for U.S. responsible sources? They have to solve which problem? Is their so biased mind clearly crazy? And what’s their difference with the terrorist groups ,else than they known as state terrorism? Iran is able to succeed this criminal operations in U.S. cities, but Iran prevents itself because it’s enough honorable to not fight against defenseless citizen.

According to Reigi’s admissions who sharply backed and funded by U.S. services, killing travelers in desert roads and prayers in quiet mosques, they are too  decrepit to hand to and support this slight groups to expand insecurity in Iran in the way of terrifying people to not support the government. I have to say they are truly in mistake, Every terrorist operation they succeed in Iran, they high the dam heights in the way the seek to Iran.

Iran is the land of love concepts and it has very emotional people.. Such crimes do not terrify people but makes more strength to people to support their government against a crazy implacable foreign force as the enemy. When traitors killed our mans in first year of revolution, Imam Khomeini said : ” Kill us, the nation awakes”, And now we say, “Kill our people, the world awakes”

Thanks Allah, who wanted our enemies such foolish.

(P.S.) – The blast happened when people prevented a woman entering the main mosque of Zahedan. The blast happened on the doors and when people came to help others, another bomb exploded to kill more. What this criminal actions means and why U.S. supports ?

(P.S.) U.S. Condemened this expolosion, but this move is just a show. Jondallah, the group which its head admitted his deep relations with U.S. announced the operation was from their side. Those who known as U.S. hands in Iran.