“If I became martyred, everybody should know, I didn’t sold out my nation and my country. I wish the patience to my family.” and so on, tears dropped from my eyes when I watched Shahram Amiri’s video on the media, and this US government by its criminal face added to it’s speed to fall. We believe a government will not remain by the method of overweight and injustice but remains by atheism. They can be atheist, but forcing other people and overriding their rights makes US as a shameful borders in the history.  This belief comes from the wise sentence of first Shia imam, Ali (pbuh). So US will fall by the way their governors decided to run. I don’t know who can stop this reoccurring of calamity against humanity. But I know IRAN is one of which.

Now Shahram Amiri is in Iran after another defeat for US intelligence services. They lose the scene and defeated from Iran’s intelligent services sharply, and this happens in their moderated confine .This is the sign of the fall if they open their eyes.

They should read the history and prevent their selves to write a different non-logical history. When every cruel king fronts resistance and honor movements he tries to get them non serious. And US runs to the same way. US should hear.

He came back to home, his land, among the tearful eye of his people, his wife, mother, little son, and his father and brother. US should hear the voice of the tearful eyes before it gets late for them.