Started with the name “5 Person”(1)  the family of prophet Muhammed(pbuh) for his first  constructed school, continued with the name of “14 Masoum” also another name for the family of prophet, and the name of the third school he constructed was in the name of “72 martyr”, the famous number and name of the supporters of Imam Hossein pbuh in Karbala.

He wanted to show the teachers who trained him the path of this shiny road he started to go. The humanity and the people’s love. The tradition of Allah and his prophets in the earth.

At last he constructed many schools. At first he said one of his friends : “I want to construct fourteen school by the name of 14 Imam and successors of the prophet”, then when he got near to the the construction of 14th school, he said the same friend “I want to construct 72 schools by the name of 72 martyrs in Karbala”.

Karabala is not in Iran and prophet is not Iranian, but the love of the humanity, overrides any limit.

At last he constructed 72 schools, and last week when he died he was in 72, ramaining the the glory and the love for humanity, one who earth will not forget him.

Mr. “HassanAli Alipour” Born in a village near Ardabil, north west of Iran and became a Carpet buisinessman, then , he donated whole of his wealth to help people,  constrcuting houses, hospitals, and schools and so on.

“Karbala”, “72 Martyrs”, “5 Persons”, “Prophet (PBUH)”, are the keyword of the life in Iran. These are keywords of honor, defence, independent, development, bliss … when people want to marry and when people want to die, and when people want to get honor, and when people want to resist. These are the names and keywords which we see in the aggressive games and films of west for introducing a terrorist! nation. The keywords of love, to be hated.

It is the cause of the worry face of people against west. Their love is under attack of aggresive forces which not feel humanity.

The west invites people to get more interest, who gets more, he is more victorious, The originality of the interest, is the law of the non-religious concepts.  But the victorious in fact, and in a major civilization is the man who serves the humanity, and this is the culture of Iran. Iran has a lot of poor people, and the west-like countries have too. Difference is that the shadow of the humanity in the cities prevents Iran to be infected by a deathly culture which makes people think just about themselves alone.

(1) 5 Persons are the main family of prophet Muhammed(pbuh), Him, His daughter Hazrat-e-Zahra, His brother in religion Imam Ali, And the two son of them, Imam Hasan and Imam Hossein peace be upon them.