Today Shirin Ebadi the Nobel Peace Prize winner who appears as a political puppet of western wills, declared اher full support for Baha’ism as a religion. The question here is Mrs. Ebadi who introduces herself a Muslim by her sharp hypocrisy, Why and by what logic overrides Quran verses and support Bahais overtly and introduces their leaders as Prophet? We should ask which Muslim thinker or which Muslim Ayatollah by the knowledge confirmed Bahaism as a religion? And why this political move happens from Shirin?

What this dirty ignorance means which ‘makes the ripped  chicken in the pot, laughing’! (1)

Mrs. Ebadi knows Farsi and possibly Arabic, And Unfortunately she had read the Baha’i writings and corruptions. She have read the book which says “The Copper if not defected by ‘constipation’ it becomes Gold after 70 years“.  (2) And she had read the Bayan the Satanical book of Bahai’s which says “The prophet David, Appeared before Prophet Moses appeared” (3) as a historical event, She defensively has read a lot of such garbage in Baha’i books that’s because of the lack of the knowledge of their PROPHET!S … But why this enlightened! person defends the ignorance? The clear ignorance.

What happened in Iran history about Baha’is and what they spread around the world to fake the history by their propaganda has sizable difference.

Looking into such flows, you are inevitable to study its background of its appearance. And if we need to judge why Iran’s government is against Baha’ism and has the right of limiting the such deception, we should look the history of Baha’ism in Iran.

Baha’ism is one of many biased heresies that appeared in a messy environment in Iran, About 150 years ago, wave of prospecting the emerge of the last Imam of Shi’a (Imam Mahdi-peace be upon him) developed in cities.

Naturally , such environment will be the platform for lot of misuse, those years also did not become excepted. Many groups appeared claiming a news about the “End Time”. Babis and their successors Baha’is was just one of these groups which their leader firstly claimed he knows the “way of attaining the Redeemer”. When some people believed him in that biased environment, He notified he is the Redeemer, Himself. Then he claimed he is not just an Imam but a new prophet and even in one of his book recorded “no god exist else than me!”. (4)

The faults and ignorance in Bab writings was such sharp that they preferred to introduce themselves as Bahai, Baha was the successor of Bab, His writings has also scandals and faults but little less.

If we study on Baha’i texts we find a lot of garbage and ridicules courses that all against the science and the knowledge. This clearly says it’s a collection of human made concepts that is not aware of even language grammar. It’s not from Allah, and it’s a corruption. Arabic writings of Baha’i leaders that tried to simulate Quran, are strongly laughable and it’s the cause of fun in different scenes. It has many terms that even does not exist in Arabic dictionary. The words which came from Persian because the writer does not know Arabic language, but wrote a -named- Arabic book. The Bahai’s can hide this such facts from all over the world because these Baha’i scandals are not translatable and just Persian and Arabic speakers can feel the deepness of the scandal.

Baha'i Leader, SIR "Abdol-Baha" The third leader of Baha'ism gets "SIR" title from Britain forces.

Why these garbage concepts succeeded to get influence in minds? In my opinion the main reason was the ignorance, the second force, was the support of Russian occupiers at first steps and in further steps completed with Britannia coverage.
Baha’ism harms Islam. Islam is the historical enemy of occupiers to get influence in Iran, This immovable religion which has many defensive instructions against assault. Like the Jihad command.

Baha’ism found in Iran, and used to invade prophet’s prophecy all over the world. And in this area is truly known as a corruption between people. Hence Iranian nation as a Muslim nation, see the full rights to defend against corruption.

On the other hand, the West overrides wills of a nation by the excuse of liberalism and sits on the seat of a nation to prevent their liberty, their faith. Where is democracy here? Should a foreign state interfere in internal affairs of another nation and dictate a foreign belief? The west has not to show just one a good amity to Iranian nation. Since the very first days of Iranian independence, they fight against this free nation. People of a nation who elected government of Islamic republic are still under attack of the corrupted wills of foreign ideas. We should ask why an independent nation should sustain such assault against its wills?

With clarity, Islam is still stood. And they need more corruption against this green cedar. It gets younger every day and expands.

(1) A Persian proverb
(2) Source : Iqan book (the named holy book of ‘Baha’) / Page 122 / Iqan:Printed in Egypt under Farajollah Zaki consideration.
(3) Source Asrar-Al-Athar (Hosseinali Baha) / Page 460 & The Alwah-e-Mobarakeh (Holy pages) series page 45, Printed in Cairo. Year 1338 Hijiri.  Saadat Publication
(4) Source : Persian Bayan ( The named ‘holy book’ of Bab / Unit 1 / Section 1 ) / Bayan has two parts in Language : Arabic and Persian . Also ‘Hoseein Ali Nouri’ or “Baha’a” in the surname the sucessor of ‘Ali Muhammed Bab’, repeated similar sentences in his book ‘Aqdas’ , Section 282;