Free Doves

Salam. It’s about 22 years since the US Navy caused a massacre to kill 290 innocent people in an airplane, a civilian airliner including 66 children. They attacked the airplane with no caution, with no question, and destroyed it simply by hitting a missile. They said it was a mistake but it cannot be. The advanced technology of U.S. Navy cannot compare an airliner to a warplane? They awarded the Captain of Vincennes navy a Medal of Combat action by the obscenity. They even have not apologized for this ‘mistake’ and just paid the cost of souls!!! Still people in Iran know this act as a brutal and deliberate act against their honor and their independence with clarity. What was a mistake and what was a Combat Action Medal to the chief of this criminal action? No one answered this logic in past 22 years. How they can be blind to run such dirty show?

Mother of one of the martyrs

Tomorrow is the anniversary of this massacre and people of Iran remember how the U.S. their known enemy is far from humanity. Some people go to the massacre coordination in Persian Gulf and shed flowers for great their brothers, sisters, children and families and their neighbor, and to pray for their martyrs who died by the hands of this Satan army. They free doves to feel the freedom and emphasize that they are however free of a foreign regime who still regrets a puppet regime in Iran.

Sun of a martyr on anniversary ship

Such action makes more strength for us as the new generations in Iran to prevent these criminal actions existing in the world.  Not this brutal action as a historical event weakens our will but every year passes we determine new aims to overcome this satirical presence to gift a free world to our future.

The right of defense will set with more motives by passing this event and I’m sure these innocent bloods will overcome the tyranny over the globe, and the world will not remains such tenebrific.

Bodies found from the sea after the massacre

Remained parts of airplane IR 665 Airbus