Salam, The beautiful world, In the name of Allah.
“IRAN” is another personal media from Iran , Connecting people together. To know and to be informed with no hate and no censorship. And to say some hidden facts that most media do not like to say.

As Iran’s culture is equal to Islamic sciences over the centuries, Naturally we will speak about Islamic matters and Islamic world in the name of a nation who accepted Islam and developed it’s sciences. We would have the life style and daily diaries from a citizen living in Tehran the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran and also many things about our people wills and hopes and movements to the forward in the subject of Islamic Revolution. Insh’Allah. In hope of Allah’s help.

Also before everything I would like to apologise for probable mistakes in my basic English writings. My thought is to connect people over the globe on Iran issues and to say more about Iran as I think the a lot of minds over the world about Iran are defected by a very strong disinformation will. BTW I think the such writings even with it’s lacks and mistakes will do the true job to spreading truth against this disinformation. It’s like to remove the language barriers for people to know each other better without bad wills.

S. A. Mousavi
Iran/ Tehran